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Perfume Rose Harvest Tours 2014

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Deluxe Gourmet Tours (May 17 & May 18 only)

This tour is created for those who wish to ignite all the senses -- taste,  smell & sight.  This is the ULTIMATE Rose Experience.  All the features of the 'Classic Perfume Harvest Tour', PLUS 3 more outstanding features: (1) rose water infused food, (2) recreated perfumes of Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonapart and Cleopatra, and (3) special showing of our 'atomizer' museum pieces.

1.  TASTE:  Enjoy elegant samplings of our local chef's creation of handmade delicacies infused with rose water that includes rose hip jam, Turkish delight, baklava and rose water sorbet. We'll also have a champagne toast, we call it the 'rose sparkler'. Yum!

2.  SMELL:  In addition to the scents from the rose petal distillation we offer "Perfumes of the Royals".  Experience the scents enjoyed by Marie Antionette, Napoleon Bonapart and Cleopatra VII. These recreations are hand crafted using the techniques characteristic of those bygone periods.  Each perfume is extremely rare but to have all 3 together is pure magic.  First, is a sample of a limited edition perfume, "M.A. Sillage de le Reine", commissioned by France's Versaille Museum.  This is a first of its kind perfume  -- -created 2007 from a lost perfumers recipe for Marie Antoinette, by noted perfumer Francis Kurkdijan and and was painstakenly made only with 100 percent natural ingredients.  Second, is a colonge created by an manservant to Napoleon Bonapart when he was banished to the island of St.smelling exotic perfumespicking perfume roses Helene in 1815.  Cosmalia recently recreated this home-made  imperial cologne with the authorization  from the  owner of this original manservant's diary .  Third, is the scent called 'Susinon' that Cleopatra Ptylomy most likely used.  This fabulous fragrance was purportedly used by Cleopatra  on the purple sails of her royal barge, perfuming the air, when she successfully seduced Mark Anthony.  Our Susinon is the very same as created for Denver Art Museum's KING TUT exhibit of 2010.  As added interest examine coins with Cleopatra's image.

3.  SIGHT:  In addition to sights of the perfume rose fields and baskets of your picked roses we offer "The Atomizer Museum"  You can peruse and delight in a our collection of purse size atomizers, several are 110 years old and some truly works of art. Many of these atomizers were used by the 'flappers' in the 20's and the 'chic' during the art deco 30's.  Very nostalgic.

This tour can only be described as exquisitely unique. Two days only, at the PEAK of flower production. Limited to 14 lucky quests. $50 per person. Last year it filled up quickly, don't wait.

NOTE: Both dates are available as of Nov 24, 2013.

Deluxe Tours:
RESERVATIONS are required to secure your spot.

Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.