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Events in Our Garden

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April 2019

Our Display Garden and Nursery are OPEN EVERY WEEKEND in April and May from 10-5, with specially themed presentations on the following dates:

"How to Have a HAPPY rose Garden" -or-
"Rose Gardening for Dummies"

April 6th & 7th   Sat./Sunday
Garden and Nursery Open 10-5. $2 donation.
Demonstrations at 10 am and 2 pm.

    Everyone can enjoy rose gardening! Learn how to prepare your garden to bring forth its most beautiful bloom.  Jan "The Rose Lady" will offer tips on water-wise planting,  fertilizing, mulching & grooming your roses for the whole year.
    Watch as we actually plant a Rose!  NEW:  See a short tutorial on how to trap those pesky gophers and moles.  Take home informational handouts and irresistibly beautiful roses, irises and perennials from our brimming nursery.

  Nursery and Garden Open 10-5.

"Glorious Irises of Spring - The Garden Awakens!" 
April 13th & 14th   Sat./Sunday
Garden and Nursery Open 10-5. $2 donation.
Demonstrations at 10 am and 2 pm.

    Just when we need a bit of color in the garden, the irises begin their glorious spring show!  Enjoy 200 varieties of these gorgeous beauties in full splendor, many of them world-class award winners,  planted throughout the 650 roses in our garden.  Drought tolerant and easy to grow,  Jan calls them "Orchids You Can Walk On".
    And, the beauty continues to unfold as our early blooming roses take center stage. Enjoy the huge 'Lady Banks' rose from 1820, the rare mystery rose 'Hearts Desire Pink' and the sublime Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot from 1898 spilling over a 12' x 12' arch.   Ah, the Glory Begins!

     Hundreds of irises & roses for sale in nursery.   Nursery &  Garden Open 10-5

"Fragrant Roses to Fill Your Senses"
April 20 & 21
Garden & Nursery open 10-5.    $2 donation.

NOTE: Saturday- Special Tours & Talks at 10am and 2pm.
              Sunday- Easter Sunday, Garden Open 10-5,
                              Self-Guided Tours ONLY

     See and smell the especially fragrant roses in our display garden of over 650 varities. Many of our antique Damask, Gallica and Bourbon roses will be perfuming the air, and the irises continue the gorgous and scented display.

Visit California's  ONLY  Perfume Rose Fields-  

     Immerse yourself in the scent of hundreds of specially selected roses from Bulgaria, France and Persia. Planted, en masse, for the production of rose water and rose oil. Saturday Only: Watch the actual distillation process and Sample estate grown rose water, Perfume and rose water sorbet. It's a

    Estate grown Rose Water & Perfume available as well as fragrant roses and irises in the nursery.  

Nursery brimming with hundreds of fragrant roses and irises/ Open 10-5 pm.

"Climbing Roses 'Magnifique'"
April 27 & 28 Sat./Sunday
Garden & Nursery Open 10-5.   $2 donation.

Special tours at 10 am & 2 pm. 

     Our homage to Monet's Garden!  A Magnificent Tour of more than 75 varieties of climbing roses in Full Bloom. Meander down the Rose AlleĆ©, an avenue of 12' arches holding 30 cascading climbers. What a sight!  What a fragrance! We'll offer Tips on selecting, growing, training and pruning these majestic gems. 

     Also, enjoy our secret garden treasures: "the Purple Playground", the "Humming Bird Wall", "Hollywood and Vine", "Kitchen Garden" and see California's ONLY Perfume Rose Fields --- in Full Bloom!.

    Nursery brimming with an irresistible selection of climbers available in nursery.
Nursery & Garden Open 10-5.

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Photos courtesy of Mikala Kennan.